GRUAN Data Management Meeting 2009

from Howard Diamond (2010-01-15):

In October 2009 a meeting was held at the NCDC facilities in Ashville with pariticipation  from the GRUAN lead center in Lindenberg/Germany, NCDC and DOE/ARM. The focus of the meeting was on data management issues within the GRUAN network.

This meeting  gave a good roadmap regarding the GRUAN data management activities to be undertaken by the GRUAN Lead Center in Lindenberg; the DOE ARM Climate Facility (ACRF) Program, and NCDC.

The report is posted on the GRUAN Program page at, as well as on the GOSIC page at; and will be discussed at the upcoming 2nd GRUAN Implementation and Coordination Meeting that will be held in Payerne, Switzerland, from March 2-4, 2010.  There are still many actions required for developing a formal data management plan for GRUAN, but the results documented from the meeting again set us on the path forward to do that.

Thanks to all who participated in this, and a special recognition to Bill Murray for serving as the meeting Rapporteur, and in helping to craft the attached final meeting report; and finally a very special thanks to both Greg Hammer and Robin Evans for assisting with all the behind-the-scenes logistics that made the meeting run so smoothly.

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