Inventory of GRUAN Sites – First Version

On our GRUAN homepage a first version of a site inventory (description) is available now. It is very much appreciated if all GRUAN site managers could examine their site page(s) and advice me (per comment or email) of bugs or gaps which have slipped in.

Very welcome are any feedbacks about structure, layout and/or information content of the site pages. And of course you can write a comment with your opinion and wishes.

One Response to Inventory of GRUAN Sites – First Version

  1. Peter Thorne says:

    This looks very neat. I wondered whether any thought had been given as to how to highlight additions / changes to each site’s capability? Will previous versions be retained when there is an update? Will it be possible to find the heritage of a given measurement type (e.g. MWR) in 50 years time at each site relatively easily? (What instruments have been used? How were they transitioned etc etc.?)

    I guess to do this you will need a back end relational database and associated software. This first snapshot is a very positive and impressive development. We need to think a bit (not as a high priority) about how we can highlight the inevitable evolution of each site’s capability. Perhaps in plain ascii but also graphically against some nominal timeline on the x-axis using some nifty java or similar? All this is well down the line I realise but I guess worth consideration now so we don’t have to reverse-engineer the database down the line to make it possible …

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