First GATNDOR post-ICM2 conference call

The GRUAN Analsyis Team for Network Design and Operations Research (GATNDOR) held its first post-ICM2 quarterly conference call on April 12, 2010 at 10 AM EDT (-4 UTC). The main business of the meeting was to solidify the new membership roster, refine the active research topics, and share plans for executing the work up to the next conference call.

The current membership is Dian Seidel, National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, USA; Tom Gardiner, National Physical Laboratory, UK; Junhong Wang, National Center for Atmospheric Research, USA; Fabio Madonna, Istituto di Metodologie per l’Analisi Ambientale, Italy;  David Whiteman, Goddard Space Flight Center, USA; John Dykema, Harvard University, USA; Arabella Mueller, Station Aérologique de Payerne, Switzerland; and Peter Thorne, ex officio as WG chair, CICS-NC, USA.

GATNDOR is currently investigating 5 research topics: collocation of observations, management of change, scheduling protocol, quantifying the value of complementary observations, and network configuration. An action undertaken during the conference call was to establish a lead for each topic. Dian Seidel is leading topic 1 (collocation), Junhong Wang is leading topic 2 (change), Tom Gardiner is leading topic 3 (scheduling), and Fabio Madonna is leading topic 4 (complementary observations). It was noted that topic 3 (scheduling) is also an area of activity for a WG Task Team and so GATNDOR will follow the lead of that task team and closely coordinate its activities. Topic 5 (network configuration) has several interested parties but could use more participation.

GATNDOR intends to have a publication-centric focus and progress towards manuscripts was reported for several tasks, with a target of submission or complete drafts by the time of ICM-3. It was noted that some tasks would benefit from an injection of human capital and that research funding could facilitate dedicated-person hours, so the recent announcement of a NOAA call for GRUAN-related proposals is very timely. GATNDOR will hold its next conference call in early July.

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