GATNDOR conference call minutes

GATNDOR held a conference call on October 7, 2010, to discuss administrative issues and progress on current projects. The summary minutes of the call are pasted below.

GATNDOR minutes 7 October 2010

Call begins with introductions of Greg (NZ) contracted by DWD/Holger to draft GRUAN Guide (as opposed to GRUAN Manual), expects to build on GATNDOR work for this document

Next introductions of people on today’s call: June from NCAR, Dave from Goddard, Dian from NOAA, John from Harvard, Tom from NPL, Fabio from Potenza

Agenda items for today:

  1. Getting a volunteer to take notes
  2. Team membership
  3. CIMO intercomparison
  4. GATNDOR and GRUAN Task Teams on Scheduling Protocol
  5. GATNDOR project updates
  6. GRUAN and the satellite community

1. John volunteered to take notes

2. In terms of team composition, Arabella Mueller has left Payerne and Rolf has no suggestions for a replacement for her

  • we could use ideas for new people, particularly students

3. CIMO intercomparison summary:

  • 11-12 radiosondes types:
  • for temperature: thermistor, Japanese sonde, RS92 (with software changes)
  • for humidity: Vaisala, CFH, GRAW (GRAW humidity looks good)
  • currently Tony Reale, Holger, June, and Masotomo and analyzing data; the data can’t be distributed as per WMO rules
  • timeline for remaining activities:
  • Jan/Feb: meeting for organizng committee
  • Mar: involve manufacturers
  • April: report
  • In terms of remote sensing measurements available during the intercomparison, there was a GPS total water measurement and a microwave radiometer co-located at another institution
  • An opportunity exist with this intercomparison to show the value of remote sensing measurements to increase the likelihood of their inclusion for the next intercomparison

4. Scheduling Protocol Task Team/Project

  • Tom Gardiner notes that the GRUAN uncertainty paper has completed review and been published in AMT
  • Dave notes some odd behavior is being observed in LIDAR data
  • A proposal was submitted to fund work on this project, work is currently awaiting decision on this funding

5. GATNDOR project updates

  • On the collocation project, Dian notes that the JGR manuscript on balloon drift climatology has been submitted
  • This manuscript contained a brief examination of uncertainty associated with co-location; reviewer thought much more detail was necessary
  • Plan is to turn uncertainty discussion into a complete manuscript
  • June and Tom expressed interest in participating in discussion supporting this manuscript; June potentially may have a Dutch student who could contribute to this task
  • June: Work at NCAR on the change management project will yield results for ICM-3 but the depth is unclear
  • NCAR has opportunities for graduate students in this area
  • Fabio: Work is underway on the complementary observation project
  • examining temperature, looking at representativeness of ground-based measurements (microwave radiometer) and radisonde
  • starting with Potenza, will soon expand to Lindenberg
  • ARM-SGP has no microwave profiler, so cannot be included at this point

6. GRUAN and the satellite community

  • GRUAN can have a more productive relationship with satellite community through SCOPE-CM, which is focused on geophysical variables, rather than GSICS, which is focused on radiometric intercalibration from satellite to satellite
  • SCOPE-CM has 5 demonstration projects underway, with two being strong matches for GRUAN measurements:
  • SSM/I: total column water vapor, precipitation, liquid water path
  • Upper tropospheric humidity
  • The SSMI/I activity is a strong choice for preliminary work because of the total water measurements provided by GRUAN GPS measurements (in addition to other instruments)
  • CM/SAF at DWD has SSM/I TW product as does Remote Sensing Systems so this seems like a good target for initial investigations
  • Improving RT models—uncertainty analysis for retrievals in Aqua/Terra announcement

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