GATNDOR 23 May 2011 Conference Call Notes

GATNDOR held a conference call on 23 May 2011, to discuss administrative issues and progress on current projects. The summary notes of the call are pasted below.

  1. Note-taker volunteer – Dian volunteered.

    Notes here follow the meeting agenda.

    At the start of the call, Fabbio invited June to summarize several issues because she could not participate in the whole call. Her summaries are inserted in the relevant sections below.

  2. Work Plan 2011-2012 (all)

    This topic was handled jointly with Item 3, because the progress reports for each GATNDOR topic allowed an opportunity to say if the goals of the GATNDOR work plan were still reasonable. In general people felt they were on track to meet the work plan goals.

  3. Topic progress report (Dian-Franz, June, Fabio)

    June reported there is no news on the “management of change” research project, but she still planning some work this September. An abstract was submitted to WCRP Open Science Conference on this subject (see below). June is waiting for dual-sonde data from Tateno but is having difficulty getting them because of management changes at the station. Franz also updated us on the availability of about 1.5 thousand soundings from Lindenberg over 2004-2010 that are relevant to this topic. Unclear when Tateno data would be forthcoming, or whether they will be sent to the Lead Centre.

    Franz updated us on the “collocation” project. LUAMI dataset would be good for testing an eventual collocation tool box. He expects to work on this over the summer and have results for ICM-4 and will contact collaborators then.

    Fabio updated us on complementary observations. He is working with Belay Demoz on defining criteria for and recommendations for remote sensing needs at GRUAN stations. Seth Gutman is working with data from Boulder, Beltsville, ARM/Lamont sites to address issues of representativeness, especially regarding GPS PW data, that will contribute to this effort.

  4. GRUAN TT on Scheduling Protocol (Dave, Tom)

    Dave Whiteman reported on a discussion with Tom Gardiner yesterday. Not a lot of activity to report. They were co-investigators on a proposal to NOAA that was not successful, and this will hamper progress. Dave recently submitted a paper on detection of water vapor trends, based on sampling model simulations. The main result is that high frequency observations are more useful than high precision observations for trend detection. Betsy Weatherhead is collaborating. No new task team members yet, but Dave and Tom are seeking new members. Now working with monthly water vapor observations from Boulder and discussed some very new findings with implications for trend detection in the upper-troposphere and stratosphere.

    Fabio asked if any GATNDOR members have done any work related to the use of GRUAN data error correlation matrix, dealing with vertically correlated errors in soundings. Dian suggested this topic is well-suited to GATNDOR but it was not clear GATNDOR had relevant expertise or resources. Peter recommended Franz and Dian discuss this with the new WG-ARO member Alessandro Fasso to get something started in this area.

  5. Possible joint initiatives between GATNDOR and satellite community

    John reported that the CLARREO budget was cut and is in “active pre-phase A” for the indefinite future, which means the satellite climate community is trying to figure out the way forward. CLARREO-related projects in UK and Italy are not funded as a result. CLARREO science team met last week and wants to find synergy with other groups on climate observations, including GCOS. GCOS/WMO SCOPE-CM (Sustained Coordinate Processing for Environmental Climate Modeling) is dealing with five pilot projects, including one with UT humidity as focus. Optical Society of America meeting in July might offer a good opportunity to explore connections with GRUAN and use of GRUAN in the work of these groups.

    Peter added a few comments on the importance of CLARREO noting that GRUAN can’t offer global coverage, Stefan Bojinski will be joining the WG ARO, and Greg Bodeker has good connections with satellite community. Greg reported on a WOAP meeting at Frascati on the assessment of climate data records of essential climate variables derived from satellite data.

  6. Network design workshop (Greg)

    Greg presented a concept for a workshop for designing the eventual full GRUAN network, serving three communities: climate detection and attribution, numerical weather prediction, satellite validation. He prepared a document summarizing some ideas and invited input from all GATNDOR members. Some discussion on possible timing and structure ensued. Peter noted that process studies is another community with GRUAN network design interests.

  7. Profiling workshop (June)

    Thermodynamic profiling workshop was held in Boulder, CO, April 12-14, 2011. Several GRUAN remote sensing people were there. June sent a Powerpoint presentation to the group summarizing the workshop findings and topics. Main point was pros and cons of various remote sensing technologies. Focus was lower troposphere over land for weather applications, so climate application were not a highlight.

  8. Other business

    Fabio asked about the status of GRUAN/GATNDOR participation in the World Climate Research Programme Open Science Conference in October in Denver. Peter reported 11 or 12 abstracts for posters (in a cluster on GRUAN) have been submitted to WCRP OSC, and an abstract for one talk was submitted by Holger. Greg reported that a within a few weeks he expects decisions to be forthcoming. Franz mentioned Lead Centre has agreed to provide a template.

    Peter asked if a scientific paper on the recent WMO radiosonde intercomparison in China is in preparation. Franz thought that a paper on the scientific sounding instruments is planned and that the GRUAN Task Team on Radiosondes is responsible.

  9. Next call (September – October 2011)

    Discussed possible telecon on poster cluster coordination, but agreed that that is not just GATNDOR’s responsibility. Agreed on September or October as a time frame for next call.


Download as pdf document: GATNDOR Conference Call Notes May 2011

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