Pre-launch procedures for RS92 soundings

Attached is a document describing the requirements for GRUAN station regarding the pre-launch procedures for routine soundings with Vaisala RS92 radiosondes.  In order to obtain high data quality, ensure long term stability,  and to make sure that measurement uncertainties are within the ranges that are reported in the product files, it is important that some ground checks are made before launch in the way described in this document and that the meta-data are reported to the GRUAN lead centre.

Here I like to discuss in particular the following issues with station managers:

  • any questions about of the procedure that might require a more detailed description
  • requirements for assistance for the implementation
  • conflicts with  existing launch procedures at a site
  • means for ensuring data quality other than those described in the document
  • any other issues that station managers might have regarding RS92 launches.

After a discussion period that will end by the end of July 2011 this document will be published on the GRUAN website as a GRUAN technical document (GRUAN-TD-5).

Everyone interested in this discussion is welcome to add comments to this post or send comments directly to me by mail.

One Response to Pre-launch procedures for RS92 soundings

  1. Dale Hurst says:

    If the standard humidity chamber is to be used by all GRUAN sites it would be very beneficial to provide a source of this device to the GRUAN community since is imperative that the chamber (and its use) be consistent across the network. Speaking for myself I have neither the time nor the resources to design and fabricate this chamber. Can the Lead Center possibly provide a manufacturer for this?

    What is the basis for the 20 minute time limit between ground checking and launching the sonde? Is there really a risk of the sensor calibration and/or quality changing if the sonde is launched 60-90 minutes after the last ground check?

    Section 3 implies that the temperature and pressure “readjustments” derived from the ground check (GC25) are used by the DigiCORA III system to correct the data from the sonde during the flight. It was my understanding that no sensor corrections were to be applied (by the software or otherwise) and that GRUAN are interested in obtaining only the raw, uncorrected sonde data. The wording in this section appears to condone accepting the GC25-based corrections for pressure and temperature. Please clarify this.

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