GATNDOR: Minutes of 31 May 2012 quarterly Phone Call

Participants: Fabio Madonna, Greg Bodeker, Dave Whiteman, Alessandro Fassò, Dian Seidel, June Wang

Phone call was delayed due to problems with the phone connection.

1. Note-taker volunteer – Dian volunteered.

2. ICM-4 follow-up and action items (Fabio, Greg, All) –

Fabio summarized the lunch meeting in Tokyo where GATNDOR activities were discussed.

Management of change topic is now complete but a related paper needs to be finalized by next ICM.

A PhD call was developed to support GATNDOR research.

GATNDOR will now list activities as part of the overall GRUAN “action item” list, rather than having a separate work plan.

Alessandro is working on a pair papers on vertical profile uncertainties, with Fabio and data providers as co-authors. One is a descriptive paper and the other is one mathematical/statistical modeling. Greg suggested Alessandro consider Atmos. Meas. Tech. as a journal for these contributions.  The group noted the earlier contribution by Immler et al. published in AMT, and the fact that it is an open-access, high impact factor journal.

Fabio summarized the effort on complementary measurements. He’s currently writing an extended abstract on this work for the September 2012 ISTP conference, where he will give a talk, and has submitted an abstract to the WMO TECO meeting in Bruxelles.

Fabio mentioned that Dave Tobin and John Dykema are working on a project related to best estimates of vertical profiles from sites for NPP. Fabio also mentioned June Wang’s work, and that June is finalizing her management of change work. They were not on the call, so these were not further discussed. John has promised by e-mail a short summary about new results from best estimates investigation.

3. New topic and recruitment –

Fabio noted that two topics are under consideration (1) Best vertical resolution of for radiative transfer modeling and (2) assessment of benefits from using uncertainty covariance matrices. Both the topics have been joined in a PhD call. Greg summarized his plans to seek PhD funding at SHARP (German equivalent of SPARC) with Free Univ. Berlin (Ulrike Langematz) and Canterbury Univ. in Christchurch NZ.  Fabio also may have opportunities in Italy. Alessandro mentioned difficulty supporting students in Italian universities.

4. GATNDOR – TT3 common items (Dave)

Some discussion of extending Dave’s study of detection of water vapor trends to consider a variety of measurement strategies and protocols.  Dave has a NASA proposal pending on this topic. A cooperation on this GRUAN action item between Task Team #3 and GATNDOR has to be considered.

5. Upcoming conferences

[Most participants had by this point left the call.]

See above for Fabio’s plans for ISTP and TECO.

Dian mentioned her presentation at the recent (May 2012) WCRP International Conference on Reanalyses.  No concrete GATNDOR projects were identified.

The group expects the upcoming GRUAN network expansion workshop (June 2012 in Germany) could raise research questions relevant to GATNDOR. The white papers will articulate those outstanding research problems.

Alessandro raised possibility of studies of statistical issues associated with spatial sampling.

6. AOB –


7. Next telecon (October 2012?)

Fabio will arrange the next meeting for late October.

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