GATNDOR: Minutes of 30 October 2012 quarterly Phone Call

 GATNDOR telecon, October 30, 17:00 Europe/Rome Time (11:00 EDT)

Involved in discussion : Fabio Madonna, John Dykema, Alessandro Fassò, Greg Bodeker, Tom Gardiner, Hannes Vogelmann, Peter Thorne, Dian Seidel and Junhong Wang

Apologies in advance from : Dave Whiteman

FM began by introducing Hannes Volgelmann to the group, who has an interest in the co-location activity.

HV then outlined his research for the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology at Garmisch-Partenkirchen, primarily on the water vapour lidar on the Zugspitze. He has as recently completed a 3-year instrument intercomparison with the FTIR instrument at the summit of the Zugsptize. This gives a long dataset with important co-location information for different solar angles and viewing geometries. WV lidar data runs from Jan 2007, with ~2 days measurement per week.

1. GATNDOR Tasks

AF gave an update on his co-location research. Last 2 months working on a non-linear model of the vertical data using the Beltsville dataset. However, there are some issues with the data in terms of outliers etc. and will need to discuss these issues with FM and Belay Demoz. Also looking to introduce a smoothing algorithm to the vertical data – this would enable the co-location uncertainties to be modelled as a continuous function rather than individual broad vertical bands. This is particularly relevant for humidity profiles where there is significant vertical structure.

It was agreed to include HV in the discussions for future co-location activities.

FM gave an update on the redundancy task. His recent work was presented at l’Aquila, covering a new promising principle based on mutual correlation analysis. This method reveals the amount of shared information in data sets from different instruments. The question was raised on how to capture the outputs from this work in the Implementation Plan. PT confirmed that hard deliverables were important so the paper should be included. TG suggested to have two deliverables in IP – one covering the paper, the other later one on the site guidance information.

FM then discussed other possible collaborations. One possibility was with the Free University of Berlin, linked to the GATNDOR PhD call delivered in April/May 2012. No response from the reference person at FUB (Prof. Ulrike Langematz) to initial email, but worth following up with another. GB to try contacting them directly if no reply again. Another new contact was Dr. Kerstin Ebell who is working at the University of Cologne on the optimum combination of ground-based and satellite profile measurements. This work could fit well with both the co-location and SASBE topics.

2. Cooperation with Task Teams

JD confirmed he will get in touch with Tony Reale to catch up on the latest activity on the SASBE development, GRUAN “demonstrations of concept”, and also about the CrIS
(Cross-track Infrared Sounder validation) activity involving multiple radiosonde launches.

JW also gave an update on the GWEX intercomparison project. Holger presented at a workshop in Germany in September, which was also attended by other GRUAN members. An initial step was to identify suitable datasets to use for satellite validation, and the GRUAN RS92 data has been proposed for this.

3. GATNDOR leadership

FM raised the issue of the leadership of the GATNDOR group, which he will have done for two years by the next ICM. The question raised was how often the leadership should change in order to bring fresh ideas and stimulus to the group. GB suggested this should be raised at the next ICM so the wider GRUAN community could contribute to the discussion. DS agreed that looking at refreshing  the Task Teams and GATNDOR leadership was an important point to discuss at the ICM. She also commended FM’s leadership of GATNDOR, but agreed it was a good principal to rotate the leadership, as long as each candidate was actively involved in the scientific activities. It was also recommended that some candidates for the role should be identified prior to the ICM.

4. Calls for funding

There have been opportunities for European EU FP7 funding to support research infrastructure, however that a group/groups need to take the lead in coordinating a European GRUAN response as it appears the lead centre are not keen to take on this role. There are also opportunities under the Marie Curie call, which could be a good option for a PhD/Post-doc researcher looking at GATNDOR issues as it can include working with people outside Europe. FM will send round the call information. The ICM would provide an opportunity for the European GRUAN groups to discuss this issue.

5. Conferences and publications

FM presented his latest GATNDOR research at the recent ISTP conference. The papers at IST9 on GRUAN (PT lead) and GATNDOR (TG lead) have been accepted for publication. A paper lead by Bomin Sun with DS as one of the co-authors has been submitted to JGR on the validation of radiosonde uncertainties using COSMIC GPS data as a reference. This aims to update the sonde correction schemes used in NWP assimilations.

6. AOB

HV thanked FM for the invitation to join the GATNDOR team. He is currently working on a study of the vertical variability of water vapour on short (30 min – few hours) timescales, and is hoping to submit a paper in January. It was confirmed that his main contact for future GATNDOR related activities should be AF, and that this would bring together statistical and instrumental expertise on the co-location issue. AF’s plan is to finish and write up his current work and then look at future collaborations on other aspects of co-location. It was agreed that AF’s draft would be sent round the whole GATNDOR group for comment.

The next telecon will be scheduled in January, and the question on GATNDOR leadership should be discussed further then.

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