GATNDOR quarterly telecon notes

 Date: Wednesday, 16. October 2013


Time: 15:00, Europe Summer Time (Berlin, GMT+02:00)


Chair: Fabio Madonna


Present on the call: Fabio Madonna (FM), Peter Thorne (PT), Kerstin Ebell (KE), Tom Gardiner (TG), June Wang (JW), Hannes Vogelmann (HV)


Apologies in advances: Alessandro Fassò, Greg Bodeker, US federal employees due to the US shutdown.




1. Progress report


1.1 Co-location of atmospheric measurements

FM: On the behalf of Alessandro I will report about the review process of his paper and its willing to continue the study of co-location topic. We need to identify the real GRUAN needs, criteria to serve the network development. This is essential to make some tools useful for the stations (currently no review comments)

JW: Haven’t read the paper. My question is the practical application of the study, i.e. can we answer the sites’ questions of whether different instruments located nearby can represent the site. For example, three GPS sites near Boulder, should we use just one site or all? What additional info can we gain from multiple sites?

FM: discussion needed at ICM-6.


1.2 Redundancy

FM: I am writing the paper based on entropy theory (with some delay respect to the expected schedule). A draft will be ready as soon as possible but not later than 15 November.


1.3 News about TT activity and about perspectives and possible synergies with GATNDOR

TG: Extension of the study shown in De Bilt relative to  the study of uncertainty due to the launch time using  larger datasets.

The work shown at the ICM-5 have been extended using all the radiosondes types.

The study of the uncertainty will be performed using different sampling rates (one, two, four radiosondes per day).

The study will be possibly extended to the analysis of radiosonde from other GRUAN sites and of the dataset  provided in the frame of

DYNAMO campaign:


1.4 SASBE activities

Advances in the SASBE elaboration. Possible useful contribution from the group.

FM: Due to the absence of John Dykema this will be updated during the next telecom.


2. GATNDOR future


2.1 Discussion about potential collaboration between new and old members of the group

FM: I think to strengthen our activities we strongly need to consider which is the potential contribution each member (excluding GRUAN co-chairs) can provide

to the existing or new GATNDOR topics. I would like to propose that everybody still interested in contributing to the activity can state or write to me a few lines

saying which is his/her own interest and which level of engagement he/she would like to have within GATNDOR topics. Only Kerstin Ebell already did it and

I will contact John Dykema to encourage a link between John’s and Kerstin’s works

All the participants that would like to contribute more actively to GATNDOR current and future topics should e-mail me sending some lines about their

possible involvement. I will take care to be the link between the members. The same if anybody has students or fellowships working on similar topics.


2.2 new topics

FM: I remind that we are still looking for volunteers or funding to support the “Assessment of the impact of comparison model error: use of GRUAN uncertainty

covariance matrix and assessment of best vertical resolution to use in Radiative Transfer modeling for improving satellite validation.”

Other two interesting topics might be a review of all the existing approaches for quantifying co-location and redundancy (also a under graduated student might

work on this), suggested by Dian, and then, if feasible, to practically compare the different approaches.

PT: Has any consideration been given to Horizon 2020 EU funding opportunities for our European contingent (me included!)? I saw a number of in-situ observing infrastructure related calls as being planned – Gelsomina’s work Fabio?

FM: I am only informed of these opportunities. I had a preliminary discussion with Gelsomina and the EU call for proposal, quite general, but related to climate monitoring looks suitable for GRUAN, She will send it to yu a discussion will be open to think a joint ACTRIS/GRUAN effort in UE.

PT: Sites are currently going through assessment and certification. Should we ask for GATNDOR participation as almost pro forma response if they have not

offered a member?


3. Contribution to conferences

PT: Are there plans to submit materials to the AMS conference June highlighted in Boulder next summer?


PT: Please consider what plenary style talks you might wish at ICM6 and what you might want to put in a parallel session and advise me in next week or two.  As historically GATNDOR will have an hour or so available in plenary.

PT: Invites to ICM6 have been delayed. All should receive invites soon.

FM: Can we suggest other potential plenary speakers.

PT: yes, but they shouldn’t receive any funding support from GRUAN.


4. Proposal for funding

FM: The bilateral project IT-USA “Study of redundant remote sensing measurements of the atmosphere

for climate monitoring” has been submitted yesterday to the attention of the Italian minister of Foreign affairs.

This is an important chance to formalize the existing cooperation in the frame of GATNDOR between University of Bergamo,

CNR in Potenza and Howard University.


5. AOB


6. Adjourn (next telecon at the end of January 2014)

Second half of January but should it precede abstract submission deadline to the Boulder meet by a week to enable finalization of any GATNDOR involvement

there and abstract submission? (Jan. 27, 2014)


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