GRUAN Implementation Plan updated


Recently, an update of the GRUAN Implementation Plan for the period 2013-2017, has been published as GCOS-165. It extends the original ‘GRUAN Implementation Plan 2009-2013’ into the period 2013-2017 and describes the strategy to implement GRUAN and lists the short- and medium-term GRUAN work plans, which are updated on an annual basis.

GATNDOR Work Plan for April 2012 – March 2013


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GATNDOR Work Plan April 2011-March 2012



GATNDOR is a research team supporting the development and implementation of GRUAN on scientifically sound foundations.  The team performs focused, short-term research to address specific topics identified by the GRUAN science and management community.  GATNDOR efforts are coordinated with those other GRUAN Task Teams and with national GCOS programs when appropriate.

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GRUAN Analysis Team for Network Design and Operations Research (GATNDOR)


Updated information on GATNDOR activities and plans is available in the 2010-2011 GATNDOR Work Plan and GATNDOR conference call notes. Both have been posted to the blog in pdf form.

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GRUAN Implementation Plan


Now that the plan has been published (GCOS-134), please feel free to add comments on it in this thread. Comments offering resource (financial or in-kind) and interest in helping in certain aspects would be particularly welcome but please comment in any way you please. I’d also like to place on record my thanks to the entire drafting team but particularly GCOS secretariat for their efforts in making this happen.