Questions on Validating Atmospheric Profiles


Tony, John,

In the latest TT5 report, NPROVS (NOAA Products Validation System) as well as SASBE (Site Atmospheric State Best Estimate) are mentioned as elements of TT5 activities. I have three questions  Read the rest of this entry »

First GATNDOR post-ICM2 conference call


The GRUAN Analsyis Team for Network Design and Operations Research (GATNDOR) held its first post-ICM2 quarterly conference call on April 12, 2010 at 10 AM EDT (-4 UTC). The main business of the meeting was to solidify the new membership roster, refine the active research topics, and share plans for executing the work up to the next conference call.

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FAQ-09: How does GRUAN deal with GPS/Wind measurements where the accuracy is limited by the manufacturer?


GRUAN calls for an uncertainty for every measured parameter. This includes wind measurements as well. Differences in wind and position measurements by different GPS systems have already been noted and this topic is not trivial. Uncertainties as the best estimate for the level of confidence for a given measurement should be established from a detailed understanding of the measurement principle and a detailed understanding of the processing that leads to the final reported measurement. Limitations in the uncertainty estimate imposed by manufacturers should be minimized where possible and verified through independent redundant measurements. In the worst case scenario, uncertainties can only be estimated in the comparison of different systems.