Major network expansion


7 sites have officially announced their intention to join GRUAN. We are very pleased to welcome the following candidate sites:

● Moscow (Russia)
● Singapore
● Darwin, Alice Springs, Melbourne, and Macquarie Island (Australia)
● Davis (Antarctica; operated by BOM, Australia)

For the current status of the network please have a look on our webpage.

The fourth certificated GRUAN site: Lauder, NZ


The NIWA-operated Atmospheric Research Laboratory in Lauder, NZ as the fourth certificated GRUAN site was dignified by Newspaper, Radio and TV.

GATNDOR quarterly telecon (Jan 2014)


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GATNDOR quarterly telecon notes


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GRUAN Manual and Guide published


Over the last three years the GRUAN Manual and Guide have been developed in a strong community effort and have now been endorsed by all GRUAN participants. These documents are now published as joint GCOSWIGOS documents (GCOS-170 and GCOS-171)  and outline what is expected from GRUAN stakeholders such as the Lead Centre, the Working Group on GRUAN (WG-GRUAN) and participating sites to achieve the goals of this network. Mandatory operating protocols and desirable activities are described therein, as well as the criteria for site assessment and certification. It is expected that specific details from these documents as well as information about GRUAN will be included in WMO’s regulatory material.

A paper on correction of MEISEI radiosonde humidity data


We have recently published the following paper.

Sugidachi, T., and M. Fujiwara (2013), Correction of the stepwise change observed at 0C in Meisei RS2-91, RS-01G, and RS-06G radiosonde relative humidity profiles, Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan, 91(3), 323-336, doi:10.2151/jmsj.2013-306.[link] Read the rest of this entry »

GATNDOR Quartely telecon notes


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