Add posts

If you wish to add a new article (post) to the blog you need to register first at, the provider of this blog service.  Please find the instruction  for registering below.

Add comments

If you  wish to add comments to existing articles you can do so without registering (although this adds some advantages).  Simply use the link  at the end of each article. With your comment you need to supply your name and e-mail address (when you are logged on these will be added autmatically).  Leave a reply to a comment by using the link “reply” near the header.

Your comment will not appear immediately. It will be checked by the editor of this page before publication in order to prevent the blog from SPAM.


  1. Use the link for registering at and fill in the required information It is important to check the option “Just a username, please.” at the end of the page, otherwise you will create your own blog.
  2. Now login using the link in the menu item “Meta” on the sidebar.
  3. Now add a comment to this page and ask for being added as a user of  the GRUAN blog. Alternatively you can also simply write an email to the Lead Centre (We need your registered email address to add you as author on the GRUAN blog).
  4. You will receive an acknowledgement of your registration as author of GRUAN blog by e-mail, after I activate you as an author.
  5. Now return to the GRUAN blog and you will find a  new menu on the top. Using the item “New post” you can add an article to the blog.
  6. This link will bring you to the editor pages of the blog that gives you a lot of option that you might want to use.

2 Responses to Registration

  1. Alexander Kats says:

    Hello, dear colleagues!
    Please, add me to the community of the GRUAN blog users.
    Alexander Kats
    Central Aerological Observatory

  2. Desamsetti Srinivas says:

    These data sets will be very useful.

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