Start of the GRUAN Communication Platform

This is an interactive blog for the GRUAN community. It allows posting information to everybody interested in the GRUAN and openly discussing relevant issues.

During the first implementation meeting (ICM-1) several participants expressed the need for a communication platform and here it is. We (the lead centre staff) hope it serves the desired purposes.

You find a list of new article under the menu item Blog!

Possibilities of the Communication Platform

Certainly, not everybody is well experienced with Web 2.0. Therefore it might be useful that you first get acquainted with this platform and check out the possibilities it offers. Please note the following hints:

  • The menu bar at the top gives access to static pages which give general and technical information on the blog. In particular you find information on how to register.
  • The posts can be accessed via the categories and tags.
  • Everybody can comment on everything.
  • The sidebar gives easy access to recent discussions and posts.
  • You can subscribe to the posts and comments using your favourite RSS client. Use the entries “Entrees RSS” and “Comments RSS” in the “Meta” item on the sidebar.

Please let us know your opinion to this platform, and then register and participate!

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